kids or adults//

As mentioned, my experience spans quite a wide range of ages. 

My approach and teaching is tailored to each personality, age and specific goal. 


Do you already have a basic knowledge of music? Have you taken any prior lessons, or do you have prior experience with another instrument?

Or are you just starting out and resorting to clicking play on a playlist?

Would you like to know more?

Here I will guide you through my approach which will be discussed in more detail once we meet. Remember everything will be tailored to each individual and I will take great care in creating a lesson plan bespoke to you or your child.

// To start you will receive a little welcome gift

// We will schedule weekly lessons with me where I will guide you through each stage of the learning process, but don’t forget that the home practice is as important as the lesson itself.


//You must have your own instrument at home or frequent access to one because without practice, there is no success. I'll be more than happy to help you find a solution if you do not have an instrument. Oh, and did I forget to mention, practice, practice, practice! 

//To start with we will be focusing on the placement of hands on the instrument, we will then move on to reading notes, how to play them, then theory and rhythm, scales and arpeggios, beginning from the basics all the way to tackling the most complicated ones.

Once we start, I’ll be quite obsessed with the posture and setting of the body on the instrument and the theory method (this part is so important to give you a good foundation and allow you to play with ease and enjoyment in the future, nipping bad habits in the bud.) 

IBelow you’ll see two columns, on the left I'll try to explain why I think music is so important for a child’s development (just in case I haven’t managed to convince you yet).

On the right, my words are for you (the adult reading this) if you find what I’ve said inspiring and sparking enough of your interest to dedicate some time to practice even after a long working day, get in touch with me and I’ll be at your side…

Starting out for kids//

f you're considering to add music to your child’s schedule, and you are still in doubt, take note of the benefits that will result once your child starts with music lessons


Below are just some of the unquestionable advantages that music will add to his/her development and growing. 


Discipline and patience.

Learning an instrument teaches children about delayed gratification. Nowadays everything is so immediate and obtainable that we’ve somehow lost a sense of dedication and patience. 

In music, before you can make a sound, you must learn to read a music sheet and you play with satisfaction. You need time and practice, commitment and sometimes a little bit of frustration;  but this process is ultimately what will teach your child to persevere through hours, months, and sometimes years of practice before specific goals are achieved.

Calculation and mathematic skills.

It is well known that music and maths are closely connected. 

By understanding beat, rhythm, and scales, children are learning how to divide, when reciting songs, they train memory and begin to recognise patterns exercising the brain and logic functions.


Physical skills.

Instruments such as strings and keyboard, demand different actions from your right and left hands simultaneously; this helps children to develop coordination as they require movement of the hands, arms, and feet at the same time.

Sports and physical activities such as dance and gymnastics, to name a few, will benefit from the music lessons as coordination and timing are qualities naturally developed during music practice.


Growing within each of the levels, allows kids to learn, accept and understand constructive criticism, showing them to turn feedback into positive change. Seeing their own progress will help build self-confidence, naturally. Your role will be to nurture their instinct to perform a piece they might have learned, this will be their spontaneous way to present himself/herself in a public setting, an important skill for the future regardless of whether they become professional musicians or not.

My advice is to cultivate their enthusiasm and their need to demonstrate what they so laboriously obtained, their grown up self will thank you for that.

Starting out for adults//

Do you find yourself often thinking of melodies and do you perhaps have a desire to reproduce them with an instrument?

I'm here for that. 

Are you struggling with an instrument and would like to find someone who could help you master it, being guided through obstacles and overcoming difficulties? 

I'm here for that. 

Are you perhaps a classical music lover and would enjoy practicing with a partner? After the first phases where you’ll learn the basics of technique, we can swiftly move on and have fun playing songs and pieces together.

I'm here for that too.

What I won’t be able to do is teach you Jazz and Blues and composing techniques, it is not my repertoire, but can certainly find someone who can if that I your dream!


As an adult what you should know is that learning to play an instrument is like starting to go to the gym for the first time, your fingers will be stiff and will do things independently of what you actually wish them to do. But fear not, with time and practice I’ll have you gliding on the keys in no time.  

Playing an instrument is not as easy as it appears, but it is fun and satisfying especially in today’s world where distraction is plentiful. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take some time away from the noise and actually concentrate on creating beautiful music instead?