Grazia F. Mari // Grace


Born and raised in Italy, I moved to New York with my husband in 2018 and after a year in Manhattan we decided to move to Greenpoint to raise our little growing family.


I have more than a decade of international teaching experience in music.

In Italy, I collaborated with a bilingual school (St. Louis School in Milan), where I taught piano and clarinet from Preschool to High School for a total of 14 years.

I have also trained decades of students for the prestigious ABRSM exams, a British associate board of the Royal School of Music, recognized worldwide.

I have also worked with numerous Orchestras and in small and big Ensembles.


During my studies I obtained a Masters Degree in Clarinet, a Bachelor of Arts in Piano and a BA in Acting

My love of the performing arts makes me a very passionate and engaging teacher. 

Every age has its own peculiarities, needs, obstacles and fears. So what I have noticed is that without them we cannot be as unique and original as we ultimately are. My aim is therefore to nurture and help you or your child to grow and discover perhaps a new talent, hobby or passion and start the journey of a lifetime.

Even if music may not the first priority in life, I’m certain it’s a lens that can color it with a sparkling effect. 


I also love French fries with mayo and Nutella crepes, but that is another story.

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