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piano and clarinet lessons for kids and adults


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Hello I’m Grazia, but friends have always called me Grace. I am an experienced and qualified music teacher from Italy, living in Greenpoint/Brooklyn/New York City.

I love music and people, flowers, plants and of course being Italian, good food! But ultimately, I adore teaching music.

My door is always open to whoever wants to discover or delve deeper into the fascinating world of music.

What do I know about music? 

It can be passion and obsession,

pure magic but at the same time earthly,

therapeutic but funny,

easy but sometimes frustrating


What I certainly know, is that "without music, life would be a mistake." as the great Friedrich Nietzsche, once said and as a soon mum-to-be, I don't like mistakes! :) 

I have more than a decade of international teaching experience in music and I can't wait to welcome you in my cozy music studio in Greenpoint (Brooklyn).

I offer bilingual (Italian or English as you prefer) Piano or Clarinet private lessons for kids and adults alike.

The lessons can take place in my studio or in the comfort of your own home.

Let me take your hand and guide you through the incredible, unexpected and emotional world of music. 

The journey will be unforgattable.


Grazia F. Mari //

Born and raised in Italy, I moved to New York with my husband in 2018 and after a year in Manhattan we decided to move to Greenpoint to raise our little growing family.


I have more than a decade of international teaching experience in music.

In Italy, I collaborated with a bilingual school (St. Louis School in Milan), where I taught piano and clarinet from Preschool to High School for a total of 14 years.

I have also trained decades of students for the prestigious ABRSM exams, a British associate board of the Royal School of Music, recognized worldwide.

I have also worked with numerous Orchestras and in small and big Ensembles.


During my studies I obtained a Masters Degree in Clarinet, a Bachelor of Arts in Piano and a BA in Acting

My love of the performing arts makes me a very passionate and engaging teacher


Every age has its own peculiarities, needs, obstacles and fears. So what I have noticed is that without them we cannot be as unique and original as we ultimately are. My aim is therefore to nurture and help you or your child to grow and discover perhaps a new talent, hobby or passion and start the journey of a lifetime.

Even if music may not the first priority in life, I’m certain it’s a lens that can color it with a sparkling effect. 

I also love French fries with mayo, and Nutella crepes.

But this is another story.





Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York, USA



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kids and audults//

As mentioned, my experience spans quite a wide range of ages. 

My approach and teaching  is tailored to each personality, age and specific goal. 

More detail on this on MY METHOD page.

Click on the button below to discover more and find out how I propose to work with you or your child.


 piano// clarinet// kid// adult//

Please see below for some average costs.

Final price will depend on individual requirements and will be discussed prior to commitment. 

lessons for 4-8 y.o. in my studio


/ duration 45 min    

/ $50 ca


lessons for 4-8 y.o. in the comfort of your own home***

/ duration 45 min   

/ $60-65 ca

lessons for 9-99 y.o. in my studio


/ duration 60 min    

/ $60 ca

lessons for 9-99 y.o. in the comfort of your own home***


/ duration 60 min   

/ $65-70 ca

Special discount for Pencil Factory's neighbors

*** Please be advised that the prices may change depending on distance and availability.


few words about me//

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Nicholas and Sophie
Nicholas and Sophie

Her approach with my two kids has been always sweet and professional. Grazia became soon a member of our family; during her lessons she is able to create a deep connection with kids and my kids will remember her forever!

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Maria Sole C.
Maria Sole C.

Loved my first lesson with Grazia! I haven’t played piano in years but it’s been in the back of my mind to pick it up again for a while and I’m so glad I found Grazia. She was really patient with me and explained everything in detail, the lesson was really well structured and she really focused on the details, which I loved. I felt really comfortable with her and can’t wait to go back again for my next lesson.

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Andrea C.
Andrea C.

I strongly recommend her for beginners like me who deeply loves music. She works with good method and very professionally. You can find what you are looking for on her webpage This customer rated you highly for work quality, and professionalism.

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Grazia also with adult is able to be a supportive and motivated teacher who guides everyone to their music success. Her emotional intelligence and her teaching experience help anyone to believe in himself/herself and build their music world. I'm so grateful and I cannot believe when after few months my hands were playing together !!!

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Brian, my older son, fell in love with music thanks to her sweetness and sympathy. She is really a great person, calm and always patient, even with little boy as my son is! Really really recommended! This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, and value.

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Grazia is patient and at the same time she helps me to improve fast. Grazia is a very friendly and sweet person. During lessons she observes how I learn and shows me the most comfortable, best way for me to improve. I’m grateful to be learning piano with Grazia and I hope many more students go to her for lessons.

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